About Intech Lab Solutions

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    Our aim is to enhance the performance and meet the constantly evolving requirements of the textile...
    Intech offers a wide range of quality products, to see and download click on tab.
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Intech Lab Solutions offers a comprehensive range of chemicals for pretreatment processes of textile materials.

Dyeing & Printing

Intech Lab Solutions covers a wide range of required auxiliaries for dyeing of all substrates and their blends.

After treatment

This process imparts after the dyeing for enhancing the dyeing processes.


Intech Lab Solutions offers a wide range of excellent concentrate and ready to use finishing products for softening of all the substrates.

Textile dyes

Intech Lab Solutions has a wide range of products for highly specialized printing effects like: transparent, half tone, double tone, burn out and gold effect on variety of substrates.


Intech Lab Solutions provide a wide range of concentrate and ready to use enzymes with a Highest quality robustness and excellent economy.

Textile printing thickener

Intech Lab Solutions offers a comprehensive range of chemicals for neutralization bath in subsequent washing process and pH buffering effect in polyester dyeing.

Speciality Chemicals

Speciality Finishes/Miscellaneous Chemicals There is a vast range of special finishes available in Dovoy portfolio which fulfils aesthetic and functional

Animal Nutrition

Nutrition is the key objective of feed and it is the most important factor affecting livestock productivity and farm profitability.